CloudFlare vs GoDaddy - Discover the Best Choice.

Porównanie opcji Odwiedź GoDaddy Odwiedź CloudFlare
23 plany hostingowe 6 plany hostingowe
Cena początkowa 2,75 € / miesiąc 18,40 € / miesiąc
Darmowa domena Tak Nie
Kupony Nie Nie
Oceny użytkowników
Niezawodność 1.5
Cena 1.5
Przyjazność 1.5
Pomoc techniczna 1.5
Funkcje 1.5
Opinie użytkowników
607 opinii 47 opinii
Ostatnia pozytywna recenzja
Nice Hosting
Muzaffer Bhat,
I host a blog site with GoDaddy and found it satisfactory. I recommend this host to all on merit basis and overall experience I had with the service provider.
Best Free DDOS protection service in the world
karan jot,
I have 11 websites using their protection and most are on the free plan. Cloud flare is the best to protect against ddos attacks if you know how to add custom rules yourself, you can rate limit and add page rules so spammers ... Więcej cannot ddos your website plus the bot fight mode tool they have is awesome!. Many people say they had bad support/late but you guys need to understand that they protect millions of websites for FREE and they take longer to reply for those reasons. The times I sent them a message they replied within 24 hours and they were helpful and professional at all times. I always recommend people cloud flare because its free to use and even the free plan will protect and stop DDOS attacks no matter how big they are. Mniej
Ostatnia negatywna recenzja
Terrible thieves... and greedy sellers :/
Jess Thames,
I wanted to buy a domain, hosting, and customized email from them. Of course, I entered the domain name I was interested in to compare the price with others ... before I decided on them, it turned out that they had already bo... Więcej ught "my planned name". Right now, if I would like to buy it I have to re-buy the domain from them: pay an 80% provision to an assistant and the domain price fixed by them. SICK!!! Mniej
Valhalla for illegal stuff
J Wick,
Want to host all your illegal sh*t, do it here they dont care, like they realy realy dont care !
Try to report it with support 5 min ago, they dont care. Scammers/ child molesters / human traffic... etc are more then welcome... Więcej here...
How f are you that when somebody try to report that one of your costumers is doing bad stuff that you just dont care... Reported it with the police, they are taking over.
Hosting współdzielony
7 planów od 2,75 € do 386,29 €
Poniżej 4 $


2,99 € / M-c
  • Przestrzeń: 25 GB
  • Przepustowość: Nieograniczona
  • Panel: cpanel
  • Liczba stron: 1
Zobacz plan Economy
Poniżej 8 $

Economy Windows

5,99 € / M-c
  • Przestrzeń: 25 GB
  • Przepustowość: Nieograniczona
  • Panel: plesk
  • Liczba stron: 1
Zobacz plan Economy Windows
Poniżej 10 $


9,99 € / M-c
  • Przestrzeń: 50 GB
  • Przepustowość: Nieograniczona
  • Panel: cpanel
  • Liczba stron: 10
Zobacz plan Deluxe
4 plany od 2,75 € do 386,29 €
Poniżej 4 $ Nie Nie
Poniżej 8 $


4,99 € / M-c
  • Przestrzeń: 20 GB
  • Przepustowość: Nieograniczona
Zobacz plan Enhance
Poniżej 10 $


19,99 € / M-c
  • Przestrzeń: 100 GB
  • Przepustowość: Nieograniczona
Zobacz plan Launch
Serwer dedykowany
8 planów od 2,75 € do 386,29 €
Poniżej 4 $ Nie Nie
Poniżej 8 $ Nie Nie
Poniżej 10 $


129,99 € / M-c
  • Przestrzeń: 4 TB
  • Przepustowość: Nieograniczona
Zobacz plan DS-32
Kreator Stron
1 plan od 2,75 € do 386,29 €
Poniżej 4 $ Nie Nie
Poniżej 8 $ Nie Nie
Poniżej 10 $


19,99 € / M-c
  • Przestrzeń: 100 GB
  • Przepustowość: Nieograniczona
Zobacz plan Launch
4 plany od 18,40 € do 4 598,75 €
Poniżej 4 $ Nie


0,00 € / M-c
  • Przestrzeń: Nieograniczona
  • Przepustowość: Nieograniczona
  • Liczba stron: 1
Zobacz plan Free
Poniżej 8 $ Nie Nie
Poniżej 10 $ Nie


20,00 € / M-c
  • Przestrzeń: Nieograniczona
  • Przepustowość: Nieograniczona
  • Liczba stron: 1
Zobacz plan Pro
3 plany od 2,75 € do 386,29 €
Poniżej 4 $ Nie Nie
Poniżej 8 $ Nie Nie
Poniżej 10 $

Domain Validation (DV) SSL

89,99 € / M-c
  • Przestrzeń: Nieograniczona
  • Przepustowość: Nieograniczona
Zobacz plan Domain Validation (DV) SSL
Usługi Ochrony DDoS
2 plany od 18,40 € do 4 598,75 €
Poniżej 4 $ Nie Nie
Poniżej 8 $ Nie Nie
Poniżej 10 $ Nie


20,00 € / M-c
  • Przestrzeń: Nieograniczona
  • Przepustowość: Nieograniczona
Zobacz plan Pro
Data Centers
3 z 6 6 z 6
Ameryka Północna Tak Tak
Europa Tak Tak
Azja Tak Tak
Oceania Nie Tak
Ameryka Południowa Nie Tak
Afryka i Bliski Wschód Nie Tak
Usługi pomocy technicznej
6 z 6 0 z 6
Czat na żywo Tak Nie
Obsługa przez telefon Tak Nie
Wsparcie na e-mail Tak Nie
Forum Tak Nie
Poradniki video Tak Nie
Baza wiedzy Tak Nie
Obsługiwany CMS
4 z 6 0 z 6
WordPress Tak Nie
Joomla Tak Nie
Drupal Tak Nie
Magento Tak Nie
Softaculous Nie Nie
PrestaShop Nie Nie
Wsparcie dla systemów operacyjnych
2 z 2 0 z 2
Windows Tak Nie
Linux Tak Nie
Wsparcie dla Języków
3 z 8 0 z 8
PHP Tak Nie
Java Nie Nie
Python Nie Nie
Node.js Nie Nie
Django Nie Nie
Perl Nie Nie
Ruby on Rails Tak Nie
Wsparcie dla Baz Danych
0 z 3 0 z 3
MongoDB Nie Nie
MySQL Nie Nie
PostgreSQL Nie Nie
Obsługiwane Metody Płatności
2 z 6 0 z 6
PayPal Tak Nie
Karty kredytowe Nie Nie
Skrill Nie Nie
Przelew tradycyjny Tak Nie
Webmoney Nie Nie
Bitcoin Nie Nie

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Zwycięzca: CloudFlare

Delight Johnson Hosting Expert

GoDaddy is the most popular domain registrar globally and has evolved into an all-in-one website solution.

CloudFlare is one of the best content delivery networks (CDN) in the world and now also registers domains.

Whether you are building your website from scratch or need to give your website stats a boost, here’s all you need to know about both networks.


Overall Comparison CloudFlare vs GoDaddy

FeaturesFree CDN service; Pro CDN service; Business CDN service; Enterprise CDN service

Free DNS and SSL

WAF and other versatile security features

Shared hosting; VPS hosting; Dedicated hosting; WordPress hosting

Free domain and SSL on all plans

Unmetered bandwidth; 1-click WordPress installs

PricingStarts at $0 with add-ons billed monthly for basic plan; No refundsStarts at $5.99/month for 3-year term; 30-day money back guarantee
Performance 100% uptime guarantee; 67 ms response time99.9% uptime guarantee; 125 ms response time
Support24/7 support; Phone support; Blog; Knowledgebase; Ticket; Chat; Community and forum support24/7 support; Phone support; Blog; Knowledgebase; Video guides; Community and forums
Ease of useIntuitive control dashboard

Seamless WAF setup

Easy integration with other hosting providers

Modern cPanel

Beginner-friendly dashboard

1-click WordPress and other app installations

SecurityDDos protection

Free SSL certificate

WAF services

Phishing guard and bot mitigation

Free SSL

DDoS protection

Malware scans; Daily backups


Server location100 countriesU.S.A



Winner: GoDaddy

CloudFlare doesn’t provide native hosting but advanced security features an unbeatable server footprint. GoDaddy is the perfect all-rounder for your website. Let’s see what makes each provider stand out.


About CloudFlare and GoDaddy

Final: CloudFlare vs GoDaddyCloudFlare is a content delivery network (CDN) founded in 2010. The company initially started as an application to find the source of email spam and evolved from there into one of the biggest CDNs in the world. The company provides website caching and security services, VPN, streaming media, identity management among other services and crossed 100 million daily active users in June 2022. The company’s mission is – to help build a better internet.
Final: CloudFlare vs GoDaddyGoDaddy is an all-in-one website solution – domain registrar, web host, and website builder – founded in 1997. GoDaddy became the world’s largest domain registrar plus largest web host by market share and currently provides services to over 21 million users and hosts over 84 million domains worldwide.


Round 1: Hosting features – Key Hosting Features and Services

Hosting FeatureCloudFlareGoDaddy
Disk space and bandwidthUnmetered storage and bandwidthShared hosting – Unmetered bandwidth; 25-100 GB diskspace

Shared hosting plus

Unmetered bandwidth; 100-400 GB diskspace

VPS hosting – Unmetered bandwidth and traffic; 25-400 GB diskspace

Dedicated hosting – Unmetered bandwidth; 1-2 TB SSD; 8-16 TB HDD

WordPress Hosting – Unmetered bandwidth; 20-80 GB diskspace

high-performance SSD storageYesYes; HDD and SSD options
Free daily backups and restoreYesYes
Free WordPress installationNot applicableYes
Free site migrationYesYes
Free website builderNoYes
Free SSLYesYes

Key CloudFlare Features

CloudFlare provides a free SSL on all its plans, and unmetered data storage and bandwidth across its worldwide network. You enjoy state-of-the-art SSD storage and safe data caching.

To start enjoying CloudFlare’s services, you would need to already have a working website running on a CloudFlare-supported host. Setting up CloudFlare is easy under your CDN settings after that.

Key GoDaddy Features

GoDaddy offers unmetered bandwidth on every one of its plans and you can get as much as 2TB SSD storage and 16 TB HDD storage on its dedicated hosting tiers.

You get free daily backups and restore on all plans, 1-click WordPress integration, and if you’re just launching your website, a free SSL for the ‘HTTPS’ bragging rights.

If you don’t have a website at all, GoDaddy has got you covered with the GoDaddy Website Builder that allows you to build a website, use its in-built marketing tools, and manage everything from a single dashboard.

And the winner is… GoDaddy

As we majorly focus on reviewing hosting platforms, I’ll favor GoDaddy for this round. It truly has everything you’ll need to set up your website from scratch. CloudFlare is your next upgrade to expand your website’s online presence and performance.


Round 2:  Prices & Plans

Shared HostingCloudFlare (Website and Application services)GoDaddy
Entry Level planFree – $0 / monthEconomy

$5.99 / month

Middle planPro – $20 / month

Business – $200 / month

Deluxe – $7.99 / month

Ultimate – $12.99 / month

Highest planEnterprise – $Custom / monthMaximum

$19.99 / month

Web Hosting PlusCloudFlareGoDaddy
Entry Level planN/ALaunch

$19.99 / month

Middle planN/AEnhance – $34.99 / month

Grow – $44.99 / month

Highest planN/AExpand

$59.99 / month

VPS HostingCloudFlareGoDaddy
Entry Level planN/A1 vCPU

$4.99 / month

Middle planN/A2 vCPU – $19.99 / month

4 vCPU – $39.99 / month

Highest planN/A8 vCPU

$69.99 / month

Dedicated HostingCloudFlareGoDaddy
Entry Level planN/ADS-32:

SSD – $139.99 / month

HDD – $129.99 / month

Middle planN/ADS-64:

SSD – $179.99 / month

HDD – $169.99 / month


SSD – $319.99 / month

HDD – $299.99 / month

Highest planN/ADS-256:

SSD – $419.99 / month

HDD – $399.99 / month

WordPress HostingCloudFlareGoDaddy
Entry Level planN/ABasic

$8.99 / month

Middle planN/ADeluxe – $11.99 / month

Ultimate – $18.99 / month

Highest planN/AEcommerce – $20.99 / month
Special plansCloudFlareGoDaddy (Reseller hosting)
Entry Level planN/AEnhance

$39.99 / month

Middle planN/AGrow – $49.99 / month

Expand – $64.99 / month

Highest planN/AEstablished – $89.99 / month

CloudFlare Pricing Plans

CloudFlare doesn’t offer any hosting plans but rather specialized web and application services including a Free plan, Pro plan, Business plan, and customized Enterprise plan. Each plan is best for:

  • Free plan – Personal and hobby projects
  • Pro plan – More professional websites that are not businesses
  • Business plan – For small to mid-sized online businesses
  • Enterprise plan – For larger businesses and large-scale web apps

GoDaddy Pricing Plans

GoDaddy has four shared hosting plans, four VPS powered shared hosting plus plan, eight self-managed VPS plans, eight dedicated hosting plans, and four WordPress hosting plans including WooCommerce hosting.

  • Shared hosting – Best for small websites and hobby projects
  • Web hosting plus – Shared hosting with more power; best for personal service websites, portfolio websites, etc.
  • VPS hosting – Self-managed plans for developers, designers, and system admins
  • Dedicated hosting – Best for large corporations with IT teams, huge traffic, or sensitive data
  • WordPress hosting – Best for WordPress websites
  • WooCommerce hosting – Best for WordPress commerce stores
  • Reseller hosting – Packages for businesses looking to start their own hosting and domain services

And the Winner Is… GoDaddy

In terms of hosting plans and pricing, GoDaddy is the obvious winner here. GoDaddy provides the most popular hosting categories and specialized packages for Ecommerce stores.


Round 3: Website performance (Uptime & Speed)

Your website’s data and files will reside on your host’s servers so the more consistently they stay online, the more reliably your website will stay up. Also, the faster your host’s servers are, the faster your web pages will load to users.

GT Metrix0.067 s0.125 s
PageSpeed Insights0.8 s1.7 s

CloudFlare Uptime & Speed

To test CloudFlare’s performance, I ran the provider’s domain through GTMetrix and Google PageSpeed Insights. These were the results:

CloudFlare had a Time to First Byte (TTFB) of 67 ms and an overall performance of 72% on GTMetrix:

Final: CloudFlare vs GoDaddy

On PageSpeed Insights, CloudFlare had a TTFB of 0.8s and an overall performance of 80%:

Final: CloudFlare vs GoDaddy

GoDaddy Uptime & Speed

I ran the same test for GoDaddy and these were the results:

On GTMetrix, a TTFB of 125 ms and an overall performance of 97%:

Final: CloudFlare vs GoDaddy

While on PageSpeed Insights, a TTFB of 1.7s and overall performance of 81%:

Final: CloudFlare vs GoDaddy

Do note that these values are relative and depend on the location the test is being made from and where your users are searching from. The closer your host’s servers are to your users, the faster your pages will load.

And the Winner Is… CloudFlare

This was an obvious win for CloudFlare. The content delivery network has far more servers than GoDaddy and is in fact, supported by GoDaddy.


Round 4: Customer Support – Who Has the Best Support System?

Type of SupportCloudFlareGoDaddy
24/7 supportYesYes
Phone SupportNoYes
Live chatNot activeNo
Email SupportNoNo
Ticket supportOnly for customersYes
Forum SupportYesYes
Video guidesYesYes

CloudFlare Customer Support

CloudFlare provides 24/7 support but mainly to their customers. They claim to offer live chat but I couldn’t find the option. And when I tried to get more support, I was directed to login as a customer:

Final: CloudFlare vs GoDaddy

They do offer a detailed knowledgebase though, where you can browse answers to question grouped into different categories:

Final: CloudFlare vs GoDaddy

And a help center with all the basic answers you’ll need:

Final: CloudFlare vs GoDaddy

At the top of every page, is an international number you can call for more support.

GoDaddy customer Support

GoDaddy also provides 24/7 support with a heavy focus on phone support which I personally like. You get numbers you can call for every region and many countries around the world:

Final: CloudFlare vs GoDaddy

And of course, they provide more support through their help center and vast knowledgebase:

Final: CloudFlare vs GoDaddy

They also have a rather impressive gallery of video guides for visual learners like me:

Final: CloudFlare vs GoDaddy

They don’t offer live chat and email support though. GoDaddy, however, has a thriving community and forum where you can find answers to most questions you’ll need from other people using the platform:

Final: CloudFlare vs GoDaddy

And the Winner Is… GoDaddy

GoDaddy outshines CloudFlare in the amount of support it provides to everyone – prospective and existing users. CloudFlare only provides extra support to its existing customers.


Round 5: Ease of use – Which Platform Is Easier to Use?

Account management dashboardEasyEasy
Control panelEasyEasy
Setup process (Install OS)EasyEasy
Transfer an existing websiteEasyEasy
Easy creation of backupsEasyEasy
Enable CloudFlareEasy

CloudFlare Ease of use

Getting onboard CloudFlare from their main website is as easy as it gets. Straightaway, you get to see all their features, products, company info, etc. from the homepage:

Final: CloudFlare vs GoDaddy

The CloudFlare dashboard is pretty easy to use. Login and see your domains being powered by CloudFlare, apps, analytics, threat control, and advanced settings:

Final: CloudFlare vs GoDaddy

GoDaddy Ease of use

GoDaddy provides an incredibly intuitive user interface and if you’re new on the platform, you can see everything you’ll be getting right from the homepage and plan details:

Final: CloudFlare vs GoDaddy

And once you are a customer, the GoDaddy account management dashboard will allow you control every hosting shenanigan in a familiar colored UI:

Final: CloudFlare vs GoDaddy

Navigating to the industry-standard cPanel is just one click away if you’d like to make more back-end tweaks:

Final: CloudFlare vs GoDaddy

And the Winner Is… GoDaddy

GoDaddy is the more specialized hosting provider between the two services so it makes sense that it is easier to use thanks to a user-friendly UI, pretty dashboard, and modern cPanel.


Round 6: Security – Which Platform is More Secure?

Free SSL certificateYesYes
DDoS protectionYesYes
Daily backupsYesYes
Malware scansYesYes
SiteLock SecurityNoNo
WAF (Web Application Firewall)YesYes
Security FeaturesBackups;

DDoS protection;

Threat identification;


Bot Fight mode

Free SSL;

DDoS protection;

Malware scans;


Daily backups and restore;


CloudFlare Security

CloudFlare provides advanced security features to its customers running from a free SSL out-of-the-box to help boost rankings to a WAF that protects websites from hacks. On every plan, you get unmetered DDoS protection, malware scans, and automatic backups.

CloudFlare isn’t integrated with SiteLock security. However, you get high-level security defenses with the paid CDN packages.

GoDaddy Security

GoDaddy provides the security essentials out-of-the-box like a free SSL and DDoS protection. You get daily backups and restore, malware scans, and can also integrate your GoDaddy-hosted domain with CloudFlare.

Unlike other hosts, GoDaddy isn’t on good terms with SiteLock Security as there’s been an ongoing lawsuit. However, the company provides its own WAF, CDN, and other niche security packages:

Final: CloudFlare vs GoDaddy

And the Winner Is… GoDaddy

GoDaddy offers more security features out-of-the-box and you can integrate CloudFlare into your website while hosted on GoDaddy, so it’s a no-brainer.


Round 7: Server locations

How many servers your host has and how widespread they are directly affects your website’s performance. More data centers around the world mean your website loads faster and more reliably to a worldwide audience.

CloudFlare Server locations

CloudFlare has servers located in over 100 countries across North America, Africa, Asia, Europe, Mainland China, Latin America & the Caribbean, the Middle East, and Oceania:

Final: CloudFlare vs GoDaddy

GoDaddy Server locations

GoDaddy has servers located across North America, Asia, and Europe in Phoenix, Arizona (USA), Scottsdale (USA), Mesa (USA), Los Angeles(USA), Chicago (USA), Ashburn (USA), Virginia (USA), Amsterdam (Europe), AND Singapore (Asia).

The awesome thing about GoDaddy is they allow you to choose where you want your data to be stored for the best performance for your target audience:

And the Winner Is… CloudFlare

CloudFlare is the clear winner here because the company’s main service is acting as a content delivery network to its worldwide centers. You can install CloudFlare into your GoDaddy hosting packages, however.


CloudFlare vs GoDaddy: final recommendations

When to Choose CloudFlare

CloudFlare is one of the best content delivery networks (CDN) in the world and helps websites expand their footprint. Go for CloudFlare if:

  • You already have a website and host
  • You are targeting a worldwide audience
  • You want to expand your online presence for free
  • You have a host that is already CloudFlare-compatible
  • You want extra protection against DDoS attacks


Go for GoDaddy if you:

GoDaddy is one of the best hosting platforms in the world for good reason. Go for GoDaddy is:

  • You need all the tools to build your website from scratch
  • You need a host for your domain
  • You want a CloudFlare-compatible host
  • You need Reseller hosting packages


The Bottom Line

CloudFlare and GoDaddy are winners in their own rights and categories.

CloudFlare helps websites load more reliably worldwide and provides extra security.

GoDaddy provides all you’ll need to build a website from scratch or boost your website (a domain, SSL, hosting service, website builder – amongst other great features).

  • We recommend CloudFlare as the content delivery network you should choose if you already have a website
  • If you want a new host – we recommend GoDaddy


1. Is GoDaddy better than CloudFlare?

GoDaddy is not a CloudFlare competitor as they both provide different services. CloudFlare and GoDaddy are two of the best CDN and hosting providers respectively.

2. Is CloudFlare a hosting provider?

No. CloudFlare is not a hosting provider. CloudFlare is a content delivery network that’s compatible with most top hosting providers.

3. What are some CloudFlare alternatives?

Some good CloudFlare alternatives are StackPath, Google Cloud CDN, Amazon CloudFront, KeyCDN, and CacheFly.

4. What are some GoDaddy alternatives?

Some great GoDaddy alternatives are HostGator, Hostinger, Namecheap, Bluehost, DreamHost and SiteGround.