Hostinger vs AWS - Discover the Best Choice.

Porównanie opcji Odwiedź Amazon Web Services (AWS) Odwiedź Hostinger
3 plany hostingowe 24 plany hostingowe
Cena początkowa 5,38 € / miesiąc 1,84 € / miesiąc
Darmowa domena Nie Tak
Kupony Nie Nie
Oceny użytkowników
Niezawodność 2.0
Cena 2.0
Przyjazność 2.0
Pomoc techniczna 2.0
Funkcje 2.0
Opinie użytkowników
80 opinii 2423 opinie
Ostatnia pozytywna recenzja
AWS Customer Support Review By someone in this business for 17 years and owns 5 other accounts with Server providers
Aziz Baroody,
If anyone ever wants to know the truth and facts about AWS Customer Supports Vs GoDaddy, Hostway, Hosting Source, Google, Apple READ THIS:
7 years now dealing with AWS I cannot explain how many times they have gone beyond wha... Więcej t their rules and Regs and policies are to HELP, SUPPORT and maintain whatever it takes for AWS to serve and keep us as a client.
They are the NUMBER 1 Company and they already WON Best Customer Support globally as far as I am concerned
Amazing hosting
Mateusz M,
I'm using Hostinger since 2018. Amazing hosting, awesome support.
Ostatnia negatywna recenzja
AWS Free Tier Scam -
bekir cuneyt bayraktar,
AWS Free Tier Scam, No wonder how Jeff Bezos is getting richer and richer, by scamming people with AMAZON Web services. Actually not just AWS, I believe all amazon services are SCAM. First they are sending emails to "Try out ... Więcej AWS with free tier" services. All was i did tried launching 2 instances via Terraform Cloud for my study. And next month i got charged 8.50 SGD to my account, (I didn't even use the instances after launch. But Don't worry Amazon, you can only fool people once. Mniej
Поддержка у них просто ЖЕСТЬ!!!!
Артем Виноход,
Поддержка у них просто ЖЕСТЬ!!!!
сначала больше часа убеждал тех поддержку, что 503 ошибка это на их стороне, а какой то тупой чувак отвечал по 20 минут и говорил что ошибка в кэше))) Потом все таки они поняли что ошибка на с... Więcej ервере! Но решить проблему им так и не удалось!
Сменил план на 2 уровня выше, обычно в других компаниях это происходит моментально, тут это происходит очень долго!
Поддержка отвечает очень долго и тупо! допустим я написал сообщение и надо ждать более чем 30 минут на ответ, сразу же им отвечаю и снова надо ждать 30 минут и так продолжается часами и почти затягивает целый день!
Hosting współdzielony
9 planów od 1,84 € do 72,03 €
Poniżej 4 $ Nie

Single Shared Hosting

1,99 € / M-c
  • Przestrzeń: 50 GB
  • Przepustowość: 102.4 GB
  • Panel: other
  • Liczba stron: 1
Zobacz plan Single Shared Hosting
Poniżej 8 $ Nie Nie
Poniżej 10 $ Nie

WordPress Pro

11,59 € / M-c
  • Przestrzeń: 20 GB
  • Przepustowość: Nieograniczona
  • Panel: cpanel
  • Liczba stron: 300
Zobacz plan WordPress Pro
9 planów od 1,84 € do 72,03 €
Poniżej 4 $ Nie

Plan 1

3,99 € / M-c
  • Przestrzeń: 20 GB
  • Przepustowość: Nieograniczona
Zobacz plan Plan 1
Poniżej 8 $ Nie

Plan 2

5,99 € / M-c
  • Przestrzeń: 40 GB
  • Przepustowość: Nieograniczona
Zobacz plan Plan 2
Poniżej 10 $ Nie

Plan 4

10,99 € / M-c
  • Przestrzeń: 80 GB
  • Przepustowość: Nieograniczona
Zobacz plan Plan 4
Hosting typu chmura
3 plany od 5,38 € do 1 329,91 € 4 plany od 1,84 € do 72,03 €
Poniżej 4 $ Nie

Free trial

0,00 € / M-c
  • Przestrzeń: Nieograniczona
  • Przepustowość: Nieograniczona
Zobacz plan Free trial
Poniżej 8 $

EC2 Spot Instances - m3.medium

5,83 € / M-c
  • Przestrzeń: Nieograniczona
  • Przepustowość: Nieograniczona
Zobacz plan EC2 Spot Instances - m3.medium
Poniżej 10 $

EC2 Reserved instances - M3.Large

73,00 € / M-c
  • Przestrzeń: Nieograniczona
  • Przepustowość: Nieograniczona
Zobacz plan EC2 Reserved instances - M3.Large


9,99 € / M-c
  • Przestrzeń: 200 GB
  • Przepustowość: Nieograniczona
Zobacz plan Startup
Kreator Stron
1 plan od 1,84 € do 72,03 €
Poniżej 4 $ Nie

Website Builder & Web Hosting

2,79 € / M-c
  • Przestrzeń: Nieograniczona
  • Przepustowość: Nieograniczona
Zobacz plan Website Builder & Web Hosting
Poniżej 8 $ Nie Nie
Poniżej 10 $ Nie Nie
1 plan od 1,84 € do 72,03 €
Poniżej 4 $ Nie

Unlimited Free SSL

0,00 € / M-c
  • Przestrzeń: Nieograniczona
  • Przepustowość: Nieograniczona
Zobacz plan Unlimited Free SSL
Poniżej 8 $ Nie Nie
Poniżej 10 $ Nie Nie
Data Centers
5 z 6 5 z 6
Ameryka Północna Tak Tak
Europa Tak Tak
Azja Tak Tak
Oceania Tak Tak
Ameryka Południowa Tak Tak
Afryka i Bliski Wschód Nie Nie
Usługi pomocy technicznej
3 z 6 4 z 6
Czat na żywo Nie Tak
Obsługa przez telefon Nie Tak
Wsparcie na e-mail Tak Tak
Forum Nie Nie
Poradniki video Tak Nie
Baza wiedzy Tak Tak
Obsługiwany CMS
2 z 6 5 z 6
WordPress Tak Tak
Joomla Tak Tak
Drupal Nie Tak
Magento Nie Tak
Softaculous Nie Nie
PrestaShop Nie Tak
Wsparcie dla systemów operacyjnych
2 z 2 2 z 2
Windows Tak Tak
Linux Tak Tak
Wsparcie dla Języków
1 z 8 4 z 8
PHP Tak Tak
Java Nie Tak
Python Nie Nie
Node.js Nie Tak
Django Nie Nie
Perl Nie Nie
Ruby on Rails Nie Tak
Wsparcie dla Baz Danych
1 z 3 3 z 3
MongoDB Nie Tak
MySQL Tak Tak
PostgreSQL Nie Tak
Obsługiwane Metody Płatności
2 z 6 2 z 6
PayPal Nie Tak
Karty kredytowe Tak Tak
Skrill Nie Nie
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Drugie miejsce

Zwycięzca: Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Eliran Ouzan Projektant WWW i ekspert z dziedziny hostingu

Hostinger is a traditional hosting provider. Whereas, AWS is a cloud hosting platform. These two platforms serve the same fundamental purpose – website and web app hosting – using two different models (more about this later).

In this article, I did the heavy lifting for you by comparing both platforms’ features, pricing, performance, and customer support. AWS came out on top in the end, but Hostinger might still be a great choice for you depending on your hosting needs.

Want to know which of these two is best for you? Keep reading!


Overall Comparison Hostinger vs AWS

FeaturesWeb; WordPress; VPS; Cloud Hosting

Free SSL/WordPress

Unlimited bandwidth


VPS; Serverless & Cloud Computing

Free SSL + data encryption

Unlimited bandwidth

PricingStarts at $1.99/month; 30-day money-back guarantee



30-day money-back guarantee


Performance 99.90% uptime;


99.99% uptime


Support24/7 support;

knowledgebase; tutorials;

Live chat;

Video guide;



24/7 support;

Live chat;





Video guide;



Ease of useCustom cPanel

WordPress install;

Beginner-friendly UI;

Free site builder


Powerful cPanel

WordPress install,

Beginner-friendly UI

Multiple web apps


SecurityFree SSL


Automated daily backups

DDoS protection


Free SSL

DDoS protection


Domain monitoring


Server locationU.S.A



North America

South America





North America

South America


Winner: AWS

Hostinger has server locations in the same regions as AWS, but the latter has more concentrated centers in the U.S.A region. AWS is also much more scalable, flexible and faster than Hostinger. Keep reading to learn more about what each of these hosts offers:


About Hostinger and AWS

Founded in 2011, Hostinger is a hosting provider and domain registrar with a mission of providing the most affordable and reliable hosting services to businesses, whether small, medium, or large. They offer a variety of hosting services, including web, VPS, and WordPress hosting.
Final: Hostinger vs AWS – When to Choose Each HostAWS is one of the biggest cloud platforms in the world. Since its founding in 2006, AWS has grown to over 1 million active users in 2022. AWS provides a variety of cloud hosting services including VPS, elastic load balancer, cloud, and serverless computing.

Round 1: Hosting features – Key Hosting Features and Services

Hosting FeatureHostingerAWS
Disk space and bandwidthWeb hosting – Unmetered bandwidth; up to 200 GB disk space

VPS hosting – Up to 4TB bandwidth & 10GB disk space

WordPress hosting  Unmetered bandwidth; up to 200 GB disk space

Object storage – 5GB storage; over 22,000 requests

VPS Hosting – up to 32GB memory and 640GB disk space

Load balancers – up to 15GB of data processing

high-performance SSD storageYesYes
Free daily backups and restoreYesYes
Free WordPress installationYesYes
Free site migrationYesYes
Free website builderYesYes
Free SSLYesYes

Key Hostinger Features

Hostinger offers unlimited bandwidth (except the basic plan) and varying amounts of disk space (high-performance SSD storage) on all web hosting plans. Also installed are a free SSL certificate, website builder, Cloudflare-protect, and regular backups.

Its VPS plans offer a varying amount of bandwidth (up to 4TB) and disk space (10GB). You also get the same features as the web hosting plans. The WordPress plans grant you up to 200,000 monthly visits and 200GB worth of storage plus WP-CLI, a WordPress staging tool, and many more.

Key AWS Features

AWS offers different features from Hostinger. With their object storage (aka Amazon S3), you get 5GB of standard storage, 20,000 Get requests, and 2,000 Put requests.

For VPS (Amazon Lightsail), disk space ranges between 20GB to 640GB with up to 8 Core processor, 32GB memory, and a 3-month free trial. Also included in all Amazon Lightsail plans is an SSD technology, DNS management, SSL certificates, and 1-click SSH terminal access.

You also have an elastic load balancer (suited for websites and apps that experience huge traffic spikes), serverless computing, and elastic cloud computing.

And the winner is… AWS

When it comes to features, AWS is not like traditional hosts like Hostinger. AWS uses unique, state-of-the-art technology to bring unbeatable security, speed, and performance features to users. AWS is the winner of this round.


Round 2:  Prices & Plans

Web hostingHostinger (web hosting)AWS (Amplify)
Entry Level planSingle Shared Hosting

$1.99 / month

Pay as you go

$0.01 per minute

$0.023 per GB per month

$0.30 per 1 million requests

Middle planPremium Shared Hosting

$2.99 / month

Highest planBusiness Shared Hosting

$3.99 / month

Cloud hostingHostingerAWS (EC2)
Entry Level planCloud Startup

$9.99 / month

Data Transfer OUT From Amazon EC2 To Internet

First 10 TB / Month $0.09 per GB

Middle planCloud Professional

$14.99 / month

Next 40 TB / Month $0.085 per GB
Highest planCloud Enterprise

$29.99 / month

Next 100 TB / Month

$0.07 per GB

VPS hostingHostingerAWS (Amazon Lightsail)
Entry Level planSnappy 2000

$23.95 / month

$3.50 / month
Middle planSnappy 4000

$34.95 / month

$20 / month
Highest planSnappy 8000

$59.95 / month

$160 / month

Hostinger Pricing Plans

Hostinger offers a variety of hosting plans, including Web, VPS, Cloud, and WordPress hosting. Here’s who each plan is best suited for:

  • Web hosting – best for small to medium websites
  • VPS hosting – best plans for scaling your website in response to increased traffic
  • Cloud hosting – best for large-scale projects
  • WordPress hosting – optimized for WordPress hosting
  • Agency hosting – tailored for entrepreneurial developers

AWS Pricing Plans,  

Unlike Hostinger, AWS uses a pay-as-you-go payment model on all of its cloud hosting plans. Typically, you pay based on the number of resources you use in a given time period (minute, hourly, monthly, etc).

  • Amazon EC2 – Elastic cloud computing of apps that need to scale
  • Amazon Lightsail – Virtual Private servers for hosting common web apps like WordPress, Drupal, and Magneto
  • Amazon Lambda – Serverless computing for web apps and static sites
  • Amazon S3 – Secure and scalable object storage great for hosting static websites
  • AWS Amplify – For creating fast and secure static sites and server-side rendered apps

And the Winner Is… AWS

I personally like AWS’ payment model best. You only get to pay for the resources that you use. This is in contrast to Hostinger where you have to pay a fixed price regardless of how much resources you end up using.


Round 3: Website performance (Uptime & Speed)

Speed and uptime are two key metrics for measuring a website’s performance. Basically, uptime tells you how long the host’s server stays up and running. So the higher the uptime, the better for you.

Your website loading speed is also one of the main metrics that search engines use to rank your website and depends on your server’s response time. If the speed is high, you rank high in search results, meaning more business for you. Over to Hostinger vs AWS

GT Metrix0.524 s0.208 s
PageSpeed Insights0.780 s0.410 s

Hostinger Uptime & Speed

I used two performance testers – GTMetrix and Google PageSpeed Insights – to test the speed and performance of the hosts’ domains (I expect their domain to be hosted on their servers) and the results are as follows:

On GTMetrix, Hostinger had an overall performance of 90% and a time to first byte (TTFB) of 524 ms:

Final: Hostinger vs AWS – When to Choose Each Host

Google PageSpeed Insights showed a performance score of 88% and 780ms as the TTFB:

AWS Uptime & Speed

To test the speed and performance of AWS vs Hostinger, I ran the same tests on AWS’s domain and the results were better. Let’s see:

On GTMetrix, AWS had a TTFB of 208 ms and an overall performance of 96%:

Final: Hostinger vs AWS – When to Choose Each Host

Google PageSpeed Insights showed equally amazing results: a TTFB of 410 ms and an overall performance score of 92%:

Final: Hostinger vs AWS – When to Choose Each Host

And the Winner Is… AWS

This doesn’t come as a surprise to me. The core mission behind AWS is superior speed and scalability. Not many traditional hosting platforms can beat the high speed that AWS provides.


Round 4: Customer Support – Who Has the Best Support System?

Type of SupportHostingerAWS
24/7 supportYesYes
Phone SupportNoYes
Live chatYesNo
Email SupportYesYes
Ticket supportYesYes
Forum SupportNoYes
Video guidesYesYes

Hostinger customer Support

You can contact Hostinger’s support team via live chat and email. However, you’ll not be able to use the live chat option unless you’re an active customer and signed into your account as a customer.

Other support options are YouTube guides, tutorials, a knowledgebase, and blog.

Final: Hostinger vs AWS – When to Choose Each Host

You can learn more about Hosting from their ‘find out more’ portals:

Final: Hostinger vs AWS – When to Choose Each Host

Their knowledgebase is also packed with so much information. You can use the search bar to filter out the results that match your current queries to the letter.

Their YouTube channel, ‘Hostinger Academy’, is also a great way to learn if you’re a visual learner:

Final: Hostinger vs AWS – When to Choose Each Host

AWS customer Support

AWS supports the same channels that Hostinger does, plus telephone. Live chat sessions are held with AWS agents using the Slack application.

Final: Hostinger vs AWS – When to Choose Each Host

The support team also provides 24/7 access to AWS documentation, FAQs, technical papers, support forums, and their YouTube channel.

Final: Hostinger vs AWS – When to Choose Each Host

Their YouTube is your go-to place for all tutorials and guides related to any of AWS’ products and services.

And the Winner Is… AWS

This was a close one. But AWS wins with telephone support.


Round 5: Ease of use – Which Platform Is Easier to Use?

Account management dashboardEasyEasy
Control panelEasyEasy
Setup process (Install OS)EasyEasy
Transfer an existing websiteEasyEasy
Easy creation of backupsEasyEasy
Enable CloudFlareEasyEasy

Hostinger Ease of use

Hostinger’s user interface is very intuitive to navigate and comes with a beautiful theme. The homepage offers important hosting details as well as links to their various hosting plans.

Final: Hostinger vs AWS – When to Choose Each Host

Hostinger also offers a branded cPanel (hPanel) that makes it super intuitive for customers to manage their website.

Final: Hostinger vs AWS – When to Choose Each Host

I personally like the clutter-free design of the hPanel. There are also a ton of apps and integrations that make managing your website a total breeze.

AWS Ease of use

AWS features an appealing dark theme that makes their text pop. Their UI is very intuitive to navigate, and their homepage is set up so that you can easily access any section you’re looking for.

Final: Hostinger vs AWS – When to Choose Each Host

AWS supports the official cPanel and WHM AMI which includes email management, domain management, and enhanced security. It’s also very customizable (customizing the panel can be quite confusing if you’re new to AWS):

Final: Hostinger vs AWS – When to Choose Each Host

And the Winner Is…Hostinger

I have to restate that AWS’s cPanel can be difficult to navigate if you’re not familiar with hosting backends. By contrast, Hostinger’s cPanel is much more intuitive which is expected given it’s a traditional hosting platform. To the right person, AWS cPanel can be a powerful tool for managing and optimizing your website.


Round 6: Security – Which Platform is More Secure?

Free SSL certificateYesYes
DDoS protectionYesYes
Daily backupsYes (for more expensive plans)Yes
Malware scansYesYes
SiteLock SecurityYesN/A
WAF (Web Application Firewall)YesYes
Security FeaturesFree SSL;

DDoS protection;


Daily backups;

Malware scans;

WordPress WAF plugins

Free SSL


Malware scanner

Data backup

DDoS protection

Domain monitoring


Hostinger Security

Straight out-of-the-box, Hostinger provides all the necessary security features needed to protect your site. This includes a free SSL certificate, DDoS protection, and Cloudflare on all its plans to safeguard your data.

For higher-up plans across Web, VPS, WordPress, and Cloud hosting, you get daily backups and other advanced security protections. Also included are a malware scanner, web application firewalls, and SiteLock protection.

AWS Security

AWS touts itself as having the most secure cloud infrastructure, for good reason. They operate on the highest standard of data privacy and security.

For example, all Lightsail plans include free SSL, Cloudflare, 24/7 domain monitoring, access control, threat detection, vulnerability analysis, and other security measures built into the architecture.

And the Winner Is… AWS

When it comes to security, AWS operates on a far higher level than conventional hosts like Hostinger. Though Hostinger’s security features are top-notch, they’re no match for AWS.


Round 7: Server locations

If you want to widen your website’s global presence, then you must consider the server locations of your host company. You’d want your web host to have as many servers as possible globally. This results in quicker load times, and in turn, higher search rankings and more business for you.

Hostinger Server location

Hostinger’s servers are located in four continents:

  • North America (the U.S.A),
  • South America (Brazil)
  • Europe (the Netherlands, Lithuania, and the United Kingdom)
  • Asia (Singapore, and India).

To achieve wider global coverage, you can connect your hosting account with CloudFlare and tap into high-speed CDN technology.

Final: Hostinger vs AWS – When to Choose Each Host

AWS Server location

AWS’ cloud datacenters are located in 10 regions:

  • US West (Oregon)
  • US East (Northern California)
  • US (GovCloud)
  • US East (Northern Virginia)
  • European Union (Ireland)
  • China
  • Asia (Singapore)
  • Asia (Tokyo)
  • Asia (Sydney)
  • South America (Brazil)

Final: Hostinger vs AWS – When to Choose Each Host

And the Winner Is… AWS

Both AWS and Hostinger have data centers on four continents – Asia, Europe, North America, and South America. However, AWS has more server locations than Hostinger (especially in the U.S.A and UK) with a total of 52 edge locations globally.


Hostinger vs AWS: final recommendations

When to Choose Hostinger?

Hostinger is one of the best hosting platforms in the market today. They offer a wide variety of hosting plans under the web, VPS, cloud, and WordPress hosting categories. But it doesn’t just stop there. Here are some other good reasons to use Hostinger:

  • Super affordable hosting plans
  • High-speed global access (with CDN services)
  • Top-grade security features out-of-the-box
  • Simple and intuitive control dashboard
  • Great for small, medium, and large-scale businesses
  • Agency-friendly plans
  • Great speed and performance

When to Choose AWS?

AWS is the most popular cloud platform in the world. They provide a wide range of services including cloud computing, serverless computing, load balancers, and VPS servers. Reasons to use AWS are:

  • Efficient resource management
  • Incredible speed and performance
  • High scalability and flexibility
  • Multiple server locations and edges
  • Suitable for mobile, web, and social applications
  • Great for building data lakes and warehouses
  • Hosts web apps, websites, CDNs, and DNS
  • Unbeatable security features
  • Powerful custom cPanel


The Bottom Line

This comparison is between a traditional web host and a cloud host, so it’s not exactly evenly matched. However, for the following reasons AWS came out on top.

With traditional hosts like Hostinger, you get all the different kinds of hosting, with specialized ones like Cloud hosting for scalability. AWS, on the other hand, is built exactly for scalability and can automatically add extra bandwidth if it notices an increase in traffic. This makes it more efficient than Hostinger.

Furthermore, AWS is faster, more cost-effective, and more secure than Hostinger. It’s also more flexible, allowing you to select your preferred programming language, web framework, and OS.


1. What is the difference between AWS and Hostinger?

Hostinger is a traditional host. Whereas, AWS is a cloud host. As a cloud host, AWS doesn’t dedicate a specific amount of resources to each plan. Instead, it automatically allocates resources based on real-time demands. This means AWS is much more efficient than Hostinger.

2. Is Hostinger cheaper than AWS?

Hostinger offers the most affordable hosting plans in the market. For just $1.99 per month, you can host your website on Hostinger (with limitations, of course). AWS uses a pay-as-you-use model. The amount you pay is based on the total amount of resources you use over a period of one month or year.

3. What are some great Hostinger and AWS alternatives?

Some good Hostinger alternatives are Hostinger, InMotion, Namecheap, and BlueHost. Some good AWS alternatives are Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.