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  • Reliability
    3.7 / 10
  • Pricing
    5.5 / 10
  • User Friendly
    4.3 / 10
  • Support
    3.1 / 10
  • Features
    4.1 / 10

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Rafael Pszenny
  • Niezawodność 10
  • Cena 10
  • Przyjazność 10
  • Pomoc techniczna 10
  • Funkcje 10

Darmowe domeny drugiego poziomu

Jakiś tydzień temu szukałem darmowej domeny drugiego poziomu pod serwer OpenID i przypadkowo trafiłem na stronę Freenom. Zapowiada się obiecująco, mam 4 darmowe domeny do wyboru i możliwość darmowego odnowienia 14 dni przed przete...Czytaj więcej
Nekram Till
  • Niezawodność 2.0
  • Cena 2.0
  • Przyjazność 2.0
  • Pomoc techniczna 2.0
  • Funkcje 2.0

Copyright infringement department not working

Freenom says that they operates a dedicated abuse and copyright infringement department that handles efficiently all spam, phishing, abuse and copyright infringement problems within one day, 7 days a week.
But thats not true I have waited over 10 days any reply. Very bad support
Sefa Deniz
  • Niezawodność 2.0
  • Cena 2.0
  • Przyjazność 2.0
  • Pomoc techniczna 2.0
  • Funkcje 2.0

Terrible Service

I have tried to contact customer support 5 times for a simple issue but there is no reply or any solution. I think the company is a scam or bankrupted. Otherwise, they could reply to customers' emails somehow. Stay away!! I will try to transfer my domains from this company. Hope, I would be able to.
Be Ba
  • Niezawodność 2.0
  • Cena 6.0
  • Przyjazność 2.0
  • Pomoc techniczna 4.0
  • Funkcje 6.0

Freenom Domain suddently considered as special

Freenom never again! I had a (free) domain for several years without problems. But after some time (and probably higher google ranking) the domain is suddenly considered as special. This means that the further free domain is remov...Czytaj więcej
Olileanya foundation
  • Niezawodność 2.0
  • Cena 6.0
  • Przyjazność 6.0
  • Pomoc techniczna 2.0
  • Funkcje 6.0

unable to access my domain

i registered for free domain and hosting. While still designing my site, i started having difficulty in login into wordpress dashboard. after some days, i tried again to receive this message you are visiting a freenom gosite that is unknown or has been disabled
Octavio Mayhua
  • Niezawodność 8.0
  • Cena 8.0
  • Przyjazność 4.0
  • Pomoc techniczna 4.0
  • Funkcje 8.0

Freight problems in freenom

I have a dominion islasdepazperu. I wanted to pay freenom Gositie but due to problems of not knowing how to use the credit card several times I insisted on the payment and got ten bills for the same amount, which I do not want to pay but I get paid. How do I remove them?
James Coates
Wielka Brytania
  • Niezawodność 2.0
  • Cena 2.0
  • Przyjazność 2.0
  • Pomoc techniczna 2.0
  • Funkcje 2.0

Something a miss

You try to purchase a free site, it says sure we have these. once you signup it says order number but at the bottom in small print there was a technical error this order is cancelled. when you check again it says no domain is avalaible. absulutly shocking and crap. on its own was better.
user avatar
Kieran Cairns
Hello James,

Have you attempted to contact the site admin via ticket?

Best Regards,
Kieran Cairns

Freenom – recenzja eksperta 2018

Napisana przez: Michael Lavnduski

Ocena Freenom

  • Niezawodność
    9 / 10
  • Cena
    10 / 10
  • Przyjazność
    9 / 10
  • Pomoc techniczna
    8 / 10
  • Funkcje
    8 / 10
Ocena wystawiona przez Michael Lavnduski
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Amsterdam based hosting for low cost hosting is a web-based domain management company located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. offers  a variety of professional domain management and reseller services for large and small businesses. is the world's first and only free domain provider that helps bring people online by connecting them through the latest in website building and hosting technology.

Uptime & Reliability


Good quality hosting with nice reliability also offers technical support. If you have any questions or need to leave feedback they can be reached by phone or email.They normally reply within 24 hours. Freenom uses the latest AnyCast technology that guarantees stability and performance of all the domains it manages.They offer service monitoring and performance control with Anti Spam and virus protection. They also offer anti hack and abuse technology to keep free domains safe and secure from vulnerable intrusions.



Easy to use features for most sites offers free domain and reseller hosting packages. You have the option of choosing between unlimited domain registry's under .Tk, .GA, .CF, and .ML. All other Domains such as .com and .net start at $6.71. With there is no commitment and no monthly fees so you can cancel at any time. You can prepay any amount you wish in your account and register as many free domains and paid domains through their intuitive interface and API. reseller program is set up on an extensive API or hosting module and  allows you to have the flexibility to group and list as many customers as owners to your accounts. Their incentive program encourages customers to sign up and offers a 25% discount.

If you have a website or company in need of IP or developer services, offers domain management and administrative tools to help your business to protect a brand that requires increased protection all from one extensive web interface. Freenom is known to be the largest domain provider after .COM. They are well known through Europe all the way to the United States, China and Russia. With the Freenom Ip agency partner account, you can register domains with the domain registration tools that will ensure your customers brand is secure.



Limited contact options has over two lines of communication. They can be reached by live phone or email.  Once you get in touch with them they seem like they are able to solve your problems fairly quickly from what I have found.  They really don't talk too much about their support, however, which is unfortunate.



Low cost hosting offers unlimited domains for free as long as they fall within the five categories of listed domains. All plans are on a month to month basis and can be canceled at anytime. There is no set up fee to register. Through there is only a $10.00 refundable deposit within the first 30 days of service. All service include support and client portal with control panel. If you are not fully satisfied with their services, also offers 30 day money back guarantee depending on the amount of domains registered. More information on their money back guarantee and domain policies can be found on their website under Terms and conditions.


Great option for free domains and low cost hosting has a very structured reseller plan that allows users to have the flexibility of managing multiple accounts from one extensive interface. I would recommend based on the amount of  reseller solutions they offer at little to no price upfront. Freenom gives businesses and partnering countries the opportunity to create local content within their community. If you're looking for a company to grow your business with, then I recommend using Freenom for their reseller program. Their free unlimited domains is unmatched in the hosting community. And with no set up fees and only $10 to get started, its a  no brainer to choose them for your next hosting solution.


  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Free domains (specific top level domains)


  • Only offering shared hosting
  • Limited tech support options




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