Hetzner Online vs InterServer

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Cena początkowa 1,69 € / miesiąc 2,50 € / miesiąc
Darmowa domena Nie Nie
Kupony Nie 2 kupony
Oceny użytkowników
Niezawodność 2.5
Cena 3.0
Przyjazność 2.5
Pomoc techniczna 2.5
Funkcje 2.5
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244 opinie 407 opinii
Ostatnia pozytywna recenzja
Satisified customer since beginning of 2021
Bruno Stelmaszyk,
I was looking for a great provider for a very long time... And I found - Hetzner.
I really like stability and performance - during this time, I have NEVER experienced any outage or reboot like in another company where reboot... Więcej was done in the night, where cron jobs were set up to start.
Started using CX10, but upgraded to CPX11 (AMD Fan, lol)
After that I ordered AX41-NVMe dedicated server. I think I will not find better server when it comes to performance and low price. Ryzen 5 3600 + 64 GB RAM + 2x 512GB NVMe is a perfect setup in very affordable price.
As I could checked, I reviewed whole hardware specification and Dedicated Server is built of very high-quality parts, not the budget/old/whatever parts I found at another hostings - this part of review does not apply to server auction (I was using SB28 with i7-3770 for a very short time, but I was not satisfied about performance).
I cannot say anything about customer service, because I did not have any reason to contact them - everything just works and this is all I expect.
Some evidences that Hetzner is very reliable:
CPX11 VPS uptime (Falkenstein) - no reboot since last upgrades:
root@hetzner:~# uptime
20:09:18 up 91 days, 8:51, 1 user, load average: 0.30, 0.34, 0.33
No speedtest here as I disabled DNS and external networking except wireguard.
AX41-NVMe Dedicated Root Server uptime (Helsinki) - no reboot since upgrade from Debian 10 to Debian 11:
root@hetznerfi ~ # uptime
20:08:43 up 43 days, 9:29, 1 user, load average: 0.74, 0.76, 0.75
AX41-NVMe Speed Test using speedtest-cli:
Download: 925,13 Mbit/s
Upload: 924,72 Mbit/s
I really recommend Hetzner to everyone who's looking for reliable and stable hosting/provider.
Reliable Hosting Company
Raghav Varma,
I switched to InterServer VPS web hosting the last 4 weeks ago. I got this hosting service at a very low price. I am really very happy because it doesn’t charge any cost on SSL certificates & daily backups. I also purchased W... Więcej ordPress hosting from Domain Racer which provides me with automatic WordPress updates & many best services. Mniej
Ostatnia negatywna recenzja
They don't readjust server prices, even after 3 years.
Enrico Dias,
I order dedicated servers from them for several years and they always refused to adjust the prices when the same config becomes available in their website for a lower price. They stated several times that they only do that af... Więcej ter 3 years of contract, forcing me to order a new server, transfer everything and cancel the old one.
However, this month I completed 3 years of contract for a particular server and they still refused to adjust the price. The same config is now ~100 euros cheaper in their server auction. I emailed them twice and they replied after a few days with the exact same message: "The price reduction of a dedicated root server is a gesture of goodwill from Hetzner. We have no contractual binding to this gesture to you. As we are experiencing a high volume on support requests at the moment, I'm afraid we have to lower the priority of this one.".
Their customer service is non existent, and they really don't care about their current customers. The only good thing they have is their price, so don't expect anything else from them.
look for another provider
Maher Ali Hujairi,
i am one of their customers and i regret it ..
slow customer service and sometimes non for hours and days.
i have been in pain with their service for about a month now ..
look somewhere else if you really value your service... Więcej and want a realizable service provider Mniej
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Web hosting level 1

1,69 € / M-c
  • Przestrzeń: 2 GB
  • Przepustowość: 10.24 GB
  • Panel: other
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2,50 € / M-c
  • Przestrzeń: Nieograniczona
  • Przepustowość: Nieograniczona
  • Panel: cpanel
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Poniżej 8 $

Web hosting level 4

4,36 € / M-c
  • Przestrzeń: 10 GB
  • Przepustowość: Nieograniczona
  • Panel: other
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8,00 € / M-c
  • Przestrzeń: Nieograniczona
  • Przepustowość: Nieograniczona
  • Panel: plesk
  • Liczba stron: 25
Poniżej 10 $

Web hosting level 9

8,81 € / M-c
  • Przestrzeń: 25 GB
  • Przepustowość: Nieograniczona
  • Panel: other
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6 planów od 4,13 € do 52,84 € 46 planów od 6,00 € do 160,00 €
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4,13 € / M-c
  • Przestrzeń: 25 GB
  • Przepustowość: Nieograniczona
Zobacz plan CX10

VPS1 - Linux

6,00 € / M-c
  • Przestrzeń: 30 GB
  • Przepustowość: Nieograniczona
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12,60 € / M-c
  • Przestrzeń: 100 GB
  • Przepustowość: Nieograniczona
Zobacz plan CX30

VPS1 - Windows

10,00 € / M-c
  • Przestrzeń: 30 GB
  • Przepustowość: Nieograniczona
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Serwer dedykowany
28 planów od 41,30 € do 263,67 € 11 planów od 67,00 € do 700,00 €
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Poniżej 8 $ Nie Nie
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43,61 € / M-c
  • Przestrzeń: 3.91 TB
  • Przepustowość: Nieograniczona
Zobacz plan EX40


67,00 € / M-c
  • Przestrzeń: Nieograniczona
  • Przepustowość: Nieograniczona
Zobacz plan AMD RYZEN 3600X Z
5 planów od 19,95 € do 69,95 €
Poniżej 4 $ Nie Nie
Poniżej 8 $ Nie Nie
Poniżej 10 $ Nie

RS One

19,95 € / M-c
  • Przestrzeń: 80 GB
  • Przepustowość: 500.02 GB
  • Panel: cpanel
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