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Cena początkowa 4,00 € / miesiąc 1,69 € / miesiąc
Darmowa domena Tak Nie
Kupony Nie Nie
Oceny użytkowników
Niezawodność 1.5
Cena 2.5
Przyjazność 2.0
Pomoc techniczna 1.5
Funkcje 2.0
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Ostatnia pozytywna recenzja
Great support
Ma. Paulina Francesca Del Mundo,
I accidentally deleted my entire website (my fault), and my backups weren't working properly, but they managed to provide a backup and support within record time. Saved me from a panic attack. Truly appreciate that! Some cons... Więcej : a bit slower than my previous BlueHost, but definitely far less expensive. Also uses the latest MySQL on VPS only, not shared hosting. Mniej
Satisified customer since beginning of 2021
Bruno Stelmaszyk,
I was looking for a great provider for a very long time... And I found - Hetzner.
I really like stability and performance - during this time, I have NEVER experienced any outage or reboot like in another company where reboot... Więcej was done in the night, where cron jobs were set up to start.
Started using CX10, but upgraded to CPX11 (AMD Fan, lol)
After that I ordered AX41-NVMe dedicated server. I think I will not find better server when it comes to performance and low price. Ryzen 5 3600 + 64 GB RAM + 2x 512GB NVMe is a perfect setup in very affordable price.
As I could checked, I reviewed whole hardware specification and Dedicated Server is built of very high-quality parts, not the budget/old/whatever parts I found at another hostings - this part of review does not apply to server auction (I was using SB28 with i7-3770 for a very short time, but I was not satisfied about performance).
I cannot say anything about customer service, because I did not have any reason to contact them - everything just works and this is all I expect.
Some evidences that Hetzner is very reliable:
CPX11 VPS uptime (Falkenstein) - no reboot since last upgrades:
root@hetzner:~# uptime
20:09:18 up 91 days, 8:51, 1 user, load average: 0.30, 0.34, 0.33
No speedtest here as I disabled DNS and external networking except wireguard.
AX41-NVMe Dedicated Root Server uptime (Helsinki) - no reboot since upgrade from Debian 10 to Debian 11:
root@hetznerfi ~ # uptime
20:08:43 up 43 days, 9:29, 1 user, load average: 0.74, 0.76, 0.75
AX41-NVMe Speed Test using speedtest-cli:
Download: 925,13 Mbit/s
Upload: 924,72 Mbit/s
I really recommend Hetzner to everyone who's looking for reliable and stable hosting/provider.
Ostatnia negatywna recenzja
Arvixe Worst Ever.
Harris Kapur,
To Whom It May Concern
We have been held as a hostage by Arvixe, Arvixe has blocked our access to all our company data, our emails, all the online tools we have been running on our websites for 300+ customers of ours.
As an o... Więcej rganization we have the right to all the data stored and backed up with ARVIXE, if Arvixe team is so incompetent to solve such a grave issue first-hand, the least they can do is provide us with our data so that we don’t suffer these huge losses. More than 72 hours have passed just to receive a response and for the account to get activated. It’s simply unacceptable in today’s world for any IT company. Arvixe has ruined all our reputation that we have built in over 18 years in merely 3 days.
Our Account has been suspended due to a billing issue. Our account was created six years back when we had Mr. Soni as one of our partners and the account was created using his credit card (not on his name). Now when Mr. Soni has left our organization, Arvixe has automatically charged a six years old credit card which was not supposed to be charged for the invoice amount $229.42. Unaware of the charge Mr. Soni disputed this transaction and we weren’t informed about the same by Arvixe billing team, without reaching out to us and being completely inconsiderate about how severely it could affect our business ARVIXE TEAM suspended our account.
We have been asking for our account access for over 3 days so we can pay our invoices to take our account out of suspension but no one is there to take care of it. They just have a chat client, no phone or email address to address this issue directly. After chatting with their agents, we have always been asked for the same documentation over and over that we have submitted every time. After every submission we have been assured that someone will get back us to take the updated payment info but no one ever emailed or called to take the payment. This is happening 5 times in every 24 hours.
To take our account out of suspension, we have been requesting and cooperating with Arvixe chat support executives which are overseas, we have also provided all the required proofs, yet no action has been taken. We haven’t been able to login to our account. We have tried to reach out several times to the billing team to make the required payment but no response. We have never seen a company who doesn’t even have representatives to even accept the payment.
We have been facing this issue for over 3 days now – our sites, online customer tools, emails and all our data is inaccessible. We are suffering extensive Business Losses due to the unprofessionalism of ARVIXE TEAM. We provide services to more than 700 hotels and due to this suspension, we aren’t able to provide any tech support and are refunding all our customers due to no service. So far we have incurred $7800.00 in loss of revenue because of these documented refunds.
We've been waiting since 23rd February to present but still there is no response from Arvixe.
Attached are all the proofs that I have been continuously submitting to the ARVIXE SUPPORT TEAM.
Harpreet Singh Kapur
Minds At Development LLC
State Farm Insurance
Bureau of Consumer Protection, Division of Trade and Consumer Protection
Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection
Arvixe Legal Department
Attorney Cook Office
Warum kann man hier nichts löschen?
Ben Delarosa,
Ich bestellte gestern eine 1TB Storagebox und sollte mich über eine App identifizieren. Personalausweis von beiden Seiten fotografiert, Selfie erstellt und ab da ging es nicht mehr weiter: "Einige Angeben waren nicht korrekt ... Więcej ..."
1. Nachricht gesendet, keine Antwort
2. Angerufen, es hieß: "Schreiben Sie eine E-Mail ..."
3. E-Mail geschrieben, keine Reaktion
4. Nachricht nochmals gesendet ... keine Reaktion
Nun sind meine sehr persönlichen Daten (Ausweiskopie und Selfie) irgendwo bei Hetzner und Subunternehmen. Ich habe keine Dienstleistung erhalten. Oder liegt es daran, daß mein Nachname nicht Nordisch genug ist?
Fragen über Fragen ...
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Xeon E3-1220 V2 3.1GHz, Turbo 3.5 GHz

128,70 € / M-c
  • Przestrzeń: 128 GB
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43,61 € / M-c
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