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Phong Thai
Phong Thai z kraju Wietnam,

Super terrible experiments for domains

Super terrible experiments to manage your domains on this platform.

Only 1 domain per order but ...

Before transfer, you must confirm each order by code sent to SMS; but all you could not receive SMS, then they have a system...Czytaj więcej of forms, you must sign 1 domain per form then send to them, they would check and approve the forms manually within 24-48 hrs.

After transfered, all domains changed to their default DNS but all other DNS records still be kept, so a big problem come: when you need to change DNS, an approving email would be sent to the previous registrar's privacy email that you could not access, and the previous registrar also did not send to you.

So you must contact support to sign many other forms, now you must attach your passport/driver license, ... to verify

one.com should be rebrand to one-domain-with-multiple-forms.com
Morgan Karlsen
Morgan Karlsen z kraju Norwegia,

One.com works hard to remove negative reviews

Over the years one.com become one of the expensive companies out there related to webhosting. They have increased their prices much in the past two years which resulted in me removing all my websites and moved to another host. The...Czytaj więcej limitations in the packages they offer has also changed a lot. Having domains only hosted at one.com is become really expensive as well since they have added a domain DNS administration fee which is about 10.30USD per year converted from my currency. Adding the increased prices for domain names it becomes really expensive for multiple domains.

Their arrogance towards negative reviews are reflected in all the reviews being flagged and removed from trustpilot as well. The flood of negative reviews was kinda funny to watch since there were a flood of posetive reviews based on "invited" reviews at the same time.

Now my negative review at trustpilot has been flagged as well and one.com are trying to have it removed. Therefore i am posting a negative review of my customer experience of one.com here as well. Let's hope hostadvice doesn't fall for the tricks that the big companies use to attempt to remove negative reviews.

One.com used to be great. They are no longer in the spectrum of being great any longer. STAY AWAY.
I have same issue of increased billing amounts, BTW where did you move your sites too, id like to do the same and FYI if you have a referral code send it to me :)
Morgan Karlsen
Morgan Karlsen,
I hear you. It's a shame really. I actually made my own webhosting company through my own company. I was tired of greedy corporations, to say at least. Add me on discord and i can give you some information and a referral for sure. Username: Sukkerpups#0838
Barrie Reader
Barrie Reader z kraju Wielka Brytania,

I've dealt with some stupid people before, but one.com takes the biscuit.

I was first disconnected by one of their support team (Sherry) after 1.5 HOURS of waiting... Then I waited another 25 minutes for another support team member to tell me the answer to my question... They either DID NOT KNOW and gue...Czytaj więcejssed or OUTRIGHT LIED to me. Now I have waited another 30 minutes to get another chat open...

They could not answer me this simple question: How do I send email to a gmail account using PHP?

The PHP sendmail mail() function does not send mail to non one.com accounts, NO WHERE in their documentation does it say this. It took me multiple conversations with their INCOMPETENT staff to even realise this.

Then I was told to use PHPMailer() - but "PHPMailer" does not exist on the hosting - which one of their staff "Carlo" said it 100% did - That was a LIE. He lied to my face.

THREE HOURS LATER I still haven't managed to speak to someone.

They have DEFINITELY lost a customer, I have NEVER seen support SO INCAPABLE in my life...

I'm fed up of waiting HOURS to be lied to... I paid them for a hosting and support service, which they did NOT PROVIDE.
Chris Blackwood
Chris Blackwood z kraju Stany Zjednoczone,

Scams disguised as pro service - Stay away from them

I set up my blog site on One.com in July of 2018. In the beginning I would have recommended this company to anyone looking for hosting. I would never recommend One.com to anyone at this point.

On January 7, my site was suspen...Czytaj więcejded because the company claimed that they detected malware on my site. They told me that I had to remove all of the malware infected file. I’m not an expert at this. I started removing the files and realized that it was more of a job than I felt comfortable with. The rep sent me a “file removal request” form. I filled out and signed the form. I attached the list of files to be removed (2,508 files in all) since the form would only allow 5 files per form. After submitting this form, the company techs were supposed to remove the files for me. The rep told me this would be fine and they would contact me in a couple of days.

A couple of days turned into a week. I contacted the company again to find out that they hadn’t even looked at my support ticket. A process that they told me would only take a couple of days eventually stretched into 3 weeks.

Today I received an email (30 January 2022) telling me that the driver’s license copy that I sent had expired. I openly pointed this out to them before I sent it. It expired during during covid. I also included a copy of my social security card which they said was fine. They changed the deal in mid stream and they are now holding my domain hostage more or less. They refused to lift the suspension.

During the first two years with One.com. I would have to say that the service was flawless. I never had a problem that wasn’t solved in just a few minutes. Over the last year their service has gone totally down the tubes. Their techs act like they don’t really care about the customer’s problem. I’m in the chat queue for tech support. They tell me that it would be 15 minutes before I got to chat with a rep. Nearly an hour later, I was still waiting for a tech to answer back.

If you are looking for hosting, my advice is to stay as far away as you can from One.com! These people are scam artists!
Rosana de Montfort
Rosana de Montfort z kraju Czechy,

After 10 years as a webmaster I have been very disappointed!

I have been with one.com from the very beginning. As a webmaster I have preferred to have 1 single supplier to my clients. Their services were good at start, but then something radical happened and from the year 2014 their charges...Czytaj więcej have TRIPLED and shot through the roof:

Web Space Small 1 year- Jan 27,2011- Paid £10.80
Web Space Small 1 year- Sept 9,2010 -Paid £10.80
Web Space Small 1 year - Jan 28,2011-Paid £10.80
Web Space Small 1 year - Oct 14,2010- Paid £10.80
Web Space Small 1 year - Oct 19,2010- Paid £10.80
Web Space Small 1 year - Oct 27,2010- Paid £10.80
Web Space Small 1 year - Feb 8,2011- Paid £10.80
Web Space Small 1 year - Feb 14,2011- Paid £10.80
Web Space Small 1 year - Mar 2, 2011- Paid £10.80
Web Space Small 1 year - May 16, 2011-Paid £10.80
Web Space Small 1 year - May 20, 2011-Paid £10.80
Web Space Small 1 year - Jun 3, 2011-Paid £10.80
Web Space Small 1 year- Jul 28, 2011- Paid £10.80
Web Space Small 1 year - Aug 15, 2011- Paid £10.80
Web Space Small 1 year - Jan 28, 2012- Paid £23.76
Web Space Small 1 year - Feb 19, 2012- Paid £10.80
Web Space Small 1 year - Sep 14, 2012- Paid £10.80
Web Space Small 1 year - Jan 15, 2013- Paid £10.80
Web Space Small 1 year - Jan 15, 2013- Paid £10.80
Web Space Small 1 year - Aug 15, 2013- Paid £23.76
Web Space Small 1 year - Oct 29, 2013-Paid £10.80
Web Space Starter (15 GB) - Dec 10, 2015-Paid £27.36
Web Space Starter (15 GB) - Dec 10,2015-Paid £19.80
Web Space Starter(15 GB) -Dec 15,2015-Paid £26.16
Web Space Starter (15 GB) - Feb 4 2016- Paid £24.96
Web Space Starter (15 GB) - Feb 8,201-Paid £10.80
Web Space Starter (15 GB) - Feb 14, 2016-Paid £30.30
Web Space Starter (15 GB) - Mar 21, 2016-Paid £24.96
Web Space Starter (15 GB) - Apr 4, 2016-Paid £24.96
Web Space Starter (15 GB) - Apr 27, 2016-Paid £24.96
Web Space Starter (15 GB) - Jul 11, 2016-Paid £27.36
Web Space Starter (15 GB) - Jul 15, 2016-Paid £19.44
Hosting Starter (25 GB) - Feb 24, 2018-Paid £18.96
Hosting Starter (25 GB) - Nov 30, 2018-Paid £34.95
Hosting Starter (25 GB) - Dec 29, 2018-Paid £9.00
Hosting Starter (25 GB) - Mar 18, 2019-Paid £9.60
Hosting Starter (25 GB) - Mar 29, 2019- Paid £9.00
Hosting Starter (25 GB) - Oct 30, 2019-Paid £34.95
Hosting Starter (25 GB) - Nov 30, 2019-Paid £34.95
Beginner - Dec 26, 2019- Paid £45.87
Beginner - 12 months Jan 18, 2020- Paid £40.87
Beginner - 12 months Jan 29, 2020- Paid £42.43
Beginner - 12 months Feb 14, 2020- Paid £58.43
Beginner - 12 months Mar 1, 2020-Paid £14.26
Beginner - 12 months Oct 30, 2020- Paid £47.43
Beginner - 12 months Nov 30, 2020-Paid £47.43
Beginner - 12 months Dec 26, 2020 - Paid £57.87
Beginner - 12 months Jan 17, 2021-Paid £52.87
Beginner - 12 months Jan 28, 2021-Paid £52.87
Beginner - 12 months Feb 13, 2021 -Paid £68.87 !!!!!!!! are you serious??????????????

Now of course the provider will say: "we have improved our services and made sure you get the best of todays market, we have given you more space and improved on the web builder, cyber security and analytics!"

Now imagine the same business module at a car dealer, it would look like this:
=>In 2010 you pay £399 all inclusive and they though in a free service, MOT and mileage, because they are a new car dealer and need to attract clients. They ask you if you want to have a reseller discount and support you in your planning.

=> in 2020 you pay triple £1,199 because they hired a new Customer Help line, employed new techies and got some new diagnostic tools. You don't get your MOT and service any longer, although you have brought in a steady clientele for past 10 years.

Nobody has asked you if you find their new charges fair, how they can help you to grow your business and if you plan to expand. Following this partnership agreement you close down the business.
This is how my work with one.com looked like for past 10 years.
Would you stay with the same supplier?
Godaddy offer comparable package with no web pages limit and no web-space limit for 49per year. That's where all my client run off to.

One.com: ceny, plany i opcje- 2022

Plany hostingu współdzielonego

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Professional 100 GB Nieograniczona cPanel Nieograniczona 2,52 € 3.4 Szczegóły
Professional Plus 200 GB Nieograniczona cPanel Nieograniczona 3,53 € 3.2 Szczegóły
Business 500 GB Nieograniczona cPanel Nieograniczona 6,06 € 2.5 Szczegóły

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