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Hosting współdzielony 0,00 € - 9,27 €
VPS 0,00 € - 16,68 €
Serwer dedykowany 60,24 € - 259,49 €
Hosting typu chmura 0,00 € - 296,56 €
Kreator Stron 0,93 € - 13,90 €
SSL 18,53 € - 185,35 €

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Philip Day
Philip Day z kraju Wielka Brytania,

Pretty dodgy Support, but always prompt

So I've spoken to 1and1 support twice today, and they basically have had no idea what I'm talking about at any time.

It took me over 20 minutes to explain in a way that could be understood that, despite having the correct forwa...Czytaj więcejrding settings enabled, my 1and1 email address was failing to achieve this.

I've now set up a POP3 forward from a webmail client for my 1and1 address, which the lady didn't know how to do.

She gave me incorrect information telling me things were impossible just because she didn't know how to do it.. fortunately I did - and I'm no computer whiz!

All in all, glad they phoned back quickly, and for free... disappointed that their help desk is entirely clueless.

On a more general note, the User Interface for hosting through them appears to be reliable and works. It's quite poorly designed and someone slightly less confident on a PC than myself might easily get lost in their maze. I didn't exactly find it easy!

The website builder looks OK and doesn't take long. The interface for that is entirely visual (The HTML editor is available, but only limited). And it's a bit rigid. Its fine for my maintenance placeholder.

In short: Best package for the money, but only if you don't need much technical support, and you plan to design your proper website yourself. Caution all who enter into the email forwarding system, for here be dragons!
Rajesh Narayanan
Rajesh Narayanan z kraju Wielka Brytania,

Not very customer friendly practices

1&1 was a good host to begin with. I found their service quite good in beginning of last year, that I decided to shift my domain over to them.

In beginning of June this year, my site became unaccessible. I tried to get into...Czytaj więcej my account without much success. After talking to their customer service I got to know that my hosting expired around 10-Jun.

Strangely I did not get email notifications and to make it even more strange they decided to close the access that I had to my domain DNS controls because as per their systems a hosting package is mandatory for the customer do anything. After having a long discussion with their domain support team and clarifying that my domain was not due to expire till end of November this year, I was told I will be given an insta domain package free of charge so that I can access my domain and do whatever I wanted with it.

The next day I was charged on my card! I did further follow ups to get this reversed. After nearly a week of further follow-ups I finally found they can no longer recover the hosting files that they so meticulously deleted. I also got some clarity as to why I did not get notification for renewal.

As per the support executive, this was because I had turned off automatic renewal for my hosting package. This internally turns off email communications in their systems.

Somehow I did receive emails relating to patches and server upgrades. I somehow found all this knotting together of hosting and domain controls, email communications and automatic renewal to be too cumbersome to keep up with. I decided to move away from them eventually.
Peter T
Peter T z kraju Wielka Brytania,

Unfortunate attitude to UK customers

Whilst, for our Community Hall website, 1&1 has on the whole enabled us to achieve all we want (and I would heartilly recommend it to similar others) there have been two issues that have caused me stress - one's a problem, and...Czytaj więcej the other's a POOR attitude to non US paying customers.
The problem relates to fake "mail delivery failure" email messages that started up soon after we established our email service through 1&1, which I have been unable to get to stop. 1&1 have been of no real help, and such comments as they did feed back were techie gobbledygook.
The other issue relates to communicating with other users for help and guidance - although there ARE link elements in the UK package to "forum", I have been told just this afternoon "the 1and1 Forum is only accessible to our US customers. Unfortunately, there is not a forum for our UK customers" Now isn't that just great!
D H z kraju Stany Zjednoczone,

About ready to chew my arm off to get away from them.

I've been using them to manage several domain and email accounts for many years. When I started with them the site was decent and their web hosting tools were good. I moved my site to Google and haven't used their web hosting serv...Czytaj więcejice in years, so I've honestly been paying way too much for what I get... but that is my own fault.Then they published a "new" account management portal a few years ago that is just pathetically slow. Most recently I've been dealing with connectivity issues with my email. They blamed it on my ISP, then on my configuration, and then on an AT&T outage 2 weeks earlier that affected mobile customers for 5 hours 7 states away from me...and even sent me the article about the outage as "evidence" it wasn't them. And they completely avoided responding to my complaint on their management portal performance.Last night the logged in portion of the management portal was giving 404s. I could hit their landing page and the login page, but got 404's after submitting my login. Disgusted, I tried both IE and Chrome. Then I remoted to a server 300 miles away that hits the Internet directly from a large datacenter. Same experience. Their response to me? The problem is with your ISP. Please telnet to 1and1.com 80 and send us the results.OMG, I'm done with these guys. My advice is to stay the hell away from them.Mniej
wayne holden
wayne holden z kraju Afganistan,

1&1 pah avoid like the plague!!!

very upset with this company in deed just felt alone and they hardly ever get back to you.
over charged and very very very basic looking site.

went to freewebstore.rog and love it tonnes of help with most of the time a less th...Czytaj więcejan two hour reply!!!
and thats on the free version!!

another one to totally avoid is webs.com they over charged me 256.00gbp a year after cancellation.
the reason for cancellation was they froze my site and lost me a huge amount of business because a rival company lied and said they own the company name even tho i owned the domain!!!!

totally froze account based on one email took 20 call to the states to try resolve never did and in the end i cancelled.

went to freewebstore.org just give it ago.

IONOS: ceny, plany i opcje- 2023

Plany hostingu współdzielonego

Nazwa planu Przestrzeń dyskowa Przepustowość Panel Liczba stron Cena Ocena
Essential 10 GB Nieograniczona 1 3,71 € 2.8 Szczegóły
Business Hosting Nieograniczona Nieograniczona Nieograniczona 0,93 € 2.1 Szczegóły
Expert Nieograniczona Nieograniczona Nieograniczona 7,41 € 2.7 Szczegóły
Business ASP.net 100 GB Nieograniczona cPanel 1 4,63 € 3.9 Szczegóły
Pro ASP.net 250 GB Nieograniczona cPanel 5 5,56 € 3.9 Szczegóły
Expert ASP.net 500 GB Nieograniczona cPanel 50 9,27 € 3.9 Szczegóły
Start for free Nieograniczona Nieograniczona cPanel Nieograniczona 0,00 € 3.9 Szczegóły

Plany hostingu VPS

Nazwa planu Przestrzeń dyskowa CPU RAM System operacyjny Cena Ocena
Virtual Server S 10 GB 1 rdzeń 512 MB 1,85 € 2.9 Szczegóły
Virtual Server M 80 GB 2 rdzenie 2 GB 3,71 € 2.4 Szczegóły
Virtual Server L 120 GB 2 rdzenie 4 GB 7,41 € 3.2 Szczegóły
Virtual Server XL 160 GB 4 rdzenie 8 GB 1,85 € 2.6 Szczegóły
Virtual Server XXL 240 GB 6 rdzeni 12 GB 16,68 € 1.9 Szczegóły
Start for free Nieograniczona - 0 B 0,00 € 1.2 Szczegóły

Plany dla serwerów dedykowanych

Nazwa planu Przestrzeń dyskowa CPU RAM System operacyjny Cena Ocena
L-16 HDD 1000 GB 4 x 2.50GHz 16 GB 64,87 € 3.9 Szczegóły
L-16 SSD 480 GB 4 x 2.50GHz 16 GB 74,14 € 3.9 Szczegóły
IX-6 32 HDD 512 GB 6 x 3.20GHz 32 GB 83,41 € 3.9 Szczegóły
IX-6 32 NVME 512 GB 6 x 3.20GHz 32 GB 83,41 € 3.9 Szczegóły
IX8-64 NVME 1 TB 8 x 2.60GHz 64 GB 97,31 € 3.9 Szczegóły
3XL-192 1000 GB 12 x 2.60GHz 192 GB 259,49 € 3.9 Szczegóły
3XL-192 3.91 TB 12 x 3.70GHz 192 GB 222,42 € 3.9 Szczegóły
AR6-32 HDD 3.91 TB 12 x 2.60GHz 32 GB 60,24 € 2.4 Szczegóły
AR8-64 HDD 1.95 TB 12 x 2.60GHz 64 GB 78,77 € 3.9 Szczegóły
AR12-128 HDD 1.95 TB 12 x 4.30GHz 128 GB 129,74 € 3.9 Szczegóły
AR6-32 NVME 480 GB 6 x 3.60GHz 32 GB 64,87 € 3.9 Szczegóły
AR12-128 NVME 960 GB 12 x 3.10GHz 128 GB 148,28 € 3.9 Szczegóły

Plany hostingu typu chmura

Nazwa planu Przestrzeń dyskowa CPU RAM Przepustowość Cena Ocena
Cloud Server XS 30 GB 1 rdzeń 512 MB Nieograniczona 3,71 € 2.6 Szczegóły
Cloud Server S 40 GB 2 rdzenie 1 GB Nieograniczona 4,63 € 2.4 Szczegóły
Cloud Server M 60 GB 1 rdzeń 2 GB Nieograniczona 11,12 € 3.9 Szczegóły
Cloud Server RAM M 40 GB 2 rdzenie 4 GB Nieograniczona 14,83 € 2.3 Szczegóły
Cloud Server L 80 GB 2 rdzenie 4 GB Nieograniczona 18,53 € 1.0 Szczegóły
Cloud Server RAM L 80 GB 4 rdzenie 8 GB Nieograniczona 27,80 € 3.9 Szczegóły
Cloud Server XL 120 GB 4 rdzenie 8 GB Nieograniczona 32,44 € 3.4 Szczegóły
Cloud Server RAM XL 120 GB 8 rdzeni 16 GB Nieograniczona 60,24 € 3.0 Szczegóły
Cloud Server RAM XXL 160 GB 8 rdzeni 32 GB Nieograniczona 78,77 € 2.5 Szczegóły
Cloud Server RAM 3XL 240 GB 12 rdzeni 24 GB Nieograniczona 139,01 € 2.8 Szczegóły
Cloud Server RAM 4XL 360 GB 16 rdzeni 32 GB Nieograniczona 203,88 € 3.9 Szczegóły
Cloud Server RAM 5XL 480 GB 24 rdzenie 48 GB Nieograniczona 296,56 € 3.9 Szczegóły
Free Trial Nieograniczona - 0 B Nieograniczona 0,00 € 3.9 Szczegóły

Plany z Kreatorem Stron

Nazwa planu Przestrzeń dyskowa Przepustowość Funkcje Cena Ocena
Starter 10 GB
Free Domain dor 1 year
Professional email included
4,63 € 5.0 Szczegóły
Plus 50 GB
Free Domain dor 1 year
Professional email included
0,93 € 3.9 Szczegóły
Pro Nieograniczona
Free Domain dor 1 year
Professional email included
13,90 € 1.9 Szczegóły

Plany SSL

Nazwa planu Funkcje Gwarancja Cena Ocena
SSL Starter
Geotrust Quick SSL Premium
Protection for one domain name
Domain Validation
Up to 256-bit encryption
$500.000 loss excess amount
Padlock display
Easy to activate on your website
463 370,50 € 18,53 € 2.8 Szczegóły
SSL Business
Geotrust Quick SSL Premium
Protection for one domain name
Organization Validation
Up to 256-bit encryption
$1.250.000 loss excess amount
Padlock display
Protection against phishing
Display the trustworthiness of your business
1 158 426,25 € 32,44 € 3.9 Szczegóły
SSL Premium
Geotrust Quick SSL Premium
Protection for one domain name
Extended Validation
Up to 256-bit encryption
$1.500.000 loss excess amount
Padlock display
Protection against phishing
Display the trustworthiness of your business
Highest level of authentification
1 390 111,50 € 185,35 € 1.0 Szczegóły

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