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Hosting współdzielony 1,84 € - 9,18 €
VPS 3,99 € - 64,20 €
Serwer dedykowany 274,43 € - 641,56 €

Data Centers

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sooraj sj
sooraj sj z kraju Singapur,

managed services like webhosting dont ever subscribe , there is no support department , they wont even bother .

i am having nightmare of my life with…
i am having nightmare of my life with them . 2 of my services down , raised tickets they couldn't resolve for a month plus ,then Alexander (one of support staff) replied will help to move to...Czytaj więcej London , as my other 3 service down there was working . After that response seems either he resigned or went for holiday no news yet , i am without my business emails for a week now .. had made me feel so frustrated with their support .. This is first time experiencing such a long delay , usually its 2-7 days , seems either this company has no support staff or seems everybody quit there .. Until they fix please dont take a risk and buy any services .. now i need to start to plan to move one by one when renewal dates come .. - will change review if they get back asap..Mniej
Tom Noel
Tom Noel z kraju Belgia,

It's a total scam

It's a total scam, I paid an AS it was not delivered after a month, while the support confirmed a delivery in 2 weeks maximum, a month after invoices of renewals arrive while I still have not received the service, I contact the su...Czytaj więcejpport they gave me two solutions: refund, or I wait for the service to be delivered and they extend the period, I chose to wait, and they thanked me for confirming, one day later I was refunded, while the PayPal is blocked so I lost my money, I had said no refund!Mniej
Radak Mila
Radak Mila z kraju Serbia,

No support

When the service works everything is ok ! If a problem occurs, forget about support, service can be down for 5-6 hours, support will not be answered. They pretend to be dead :) They will only contact you quickly when it comes to ...Czytaj więcejpayments, they are very up to date ! I do not recommend service to anyone for serious work! They are playing hosting but they are not serious hosting!Mniej
Mils Savelic
Mils Savelic z kraju Serbia,

Poor Service

Service when it works, everything is ok. But when it doesn't work ! Support is pure zero, they open support tickets after 4-5 hours. As a rule, it's your fault, everything is always ok with them. I have a feeling it’s a side job f...Czytaj więcejor them. You will be offline for at least a couple of hours each month. I recommend the service to those who want to play and learn, others avoid it!Mniej
R Johnston
R Johnston

Great support team

Botched a website update on my VPS (yea... I know... my fault... should have taken backups...) Sent an email to seek help... Andrew and the rest of the staff went above and beyond to help me restore my site to a working state, the...Czytaj więcejn professionally upgraded everything to the latest version. Best of all? They didn't charge anything for all the work! I'm beyond happy.Mniej

HostUS: ceny, plany i opcje- 2023

Plany hostingu współdzielonego

Nazwa planu Przestrzeń dyskowa Przepustowość Panel Liczba stron Cena Ocena
STARTER 5 GB 100.04 GB cPanel Nieograniczona 1,84 € 1.0 Szczegóły
PREMIUM 20 GB Nieograniczona cPanel Nieograniczona 4,59 € 3.0 Szczegóły
PREMIUM+ 70 GB Nieograniczona cPanel Nieograniczona 9,18 € 3.1 Szczegóły

Plany hostingu VPS

Nazwa planu Przestrzeń dyskowa CPU RAM System operacyjny Cena Ocena
KVM-0.5 25 GB 1 rdzeń 512 MB 3,99 € 5.0 Szczegóły
KVM-1 40 GB 2 rdzenie 1 GB 6,38 € 4.2 Szczegóły
KVM-2 60 GB 2 rdzenie 2 GB 10,05 € 2.0 Szczegóły
KVM-3 75 GB 3 rdzenie 3 GB 14,64 € 4.3 Szczegóły
KVM-4 90 GB 4 rdzenie 4 GB 21,06 € 3.1 Szczegóły
KVM-6 120 GB 5 rdzeni 6 GB 32,08 € 2.0 Szczegóły
KVM-8 150 GB 6 rdzeni 8 GB 45,85 € 3.4 Szczegóły
KVM-12 200 GB 8 rdzeni 12 GB 64,20 € 1.0 Szczegóły

Plany dla serwerów dedykowanych

Nazwa planu Przestrzeń dyskowa CPU RAM System operacyjny Cena Ocena
S-1271 4 TB 4 x 3.60GHz 32 GB 274,43 € 3.1 Szczegóły
S-1540 4.5 TB 8 x 2.00GHz 64 GB 457,99 € 3.1 Szczegóły
S-2660 5 TB 20 x 2.60GHz 64 GB 641,56 € 3.1 Szczegóły

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